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Shirt Styles - Made To Measure Clothiers.com
For the very finest custom made clothing - Made To Measure makes the difference! close

Shirt Styles

Shirt Styles

Our expert tailors & clothiers can assist you with all of the styling options and provide you with recommendations as what would be the best for you.

To custom style your shirts first determine the collar spread that you like. This means the distance between the collar points.

The classic collar spread is the number 3 spread. The distance between the collar points is approximately 3 inches . The number 3 spread frames the tie knot nicely and is not too wide or too narrow for most men’s faces.

In general you should keep in mind that a wider spread will add an appearance of more width to a persons face and a narrower width will make a persons face appear trimmer. Though fashion tends to dictate a certain look getting a collar style that is more flattering on you should be most important. (The 3 inch spread is also the classic spread for a Buttondown Collar style.)


Begin by selecting your Collar Spread. Browse through the collar styles.






















Five Specific Collar Style Details

Now that you have your Collar Spread chosen you’ll need to select 4 more collar style details. The Collar Point Length, the Front and Back Band Height, the Tie Space and the Collar Edge Stitching.

Collar Point Length

Select the collar point length. The classic is a 3 inch point length. For someone 5′ 8″ or shorter perhaps a 2 3/4 point length. For someone 6′ 2″ or taller a 3 1/4 point length.

Collar Edge Stitching

Select either Classic 1/4 inch or the modern European Edge Stitching

Collar Band Height

Select either a Standard or Custom Front and Back Band Height. Select the height in relation to the length of your neck. You might also select a taller or shorter band height for a style effect.

Below is our recommended band heights for Short, Average, Long and Extra Long neck lengths.

  • Front Band Height

    For Short Neck Length: 1/2 inch

    For Average Neck Length: 1 inch

    For Long Neck: 1 1/4 inch

    Extra Long / Tall Band: 1 1/2 inch

    Back Band Height

    For Short Neck Length: 1 1/4 inch

    For Average Neck Length: 1 3/4 inch

    For Long Neck: 2 inch

    Extra Long / Tall Band: 2 1/4 inch

    Extra Long / Band: 2 1/2 inch


Collar Tie Space

Select your Collar Tie Space (See below)

Select either the Standard Classic 1/4 inch Tie Space or

the Modern No Tie Space, or lastly the wide tie space of 1/2 inch

(The Standard is 1/4 inch Tie Space. It’s good for both Full & 1/2 Windsor Tie Knotts, No Tie Space is fine if you tie a medium to small tie knott.)



                                       Cuff Styles

                                       Pocket Styles


  • Next Select Your Shirt Front Style.

    (The Standard is a Pleat Front)


    Next Select Your Shirt Back Style.

    (The Standard is the Regular Back)


    For Formal Shirt Styling…..

    There is an additional charge of $35 per shirt for Formal Shirt Styling





Short Sleeve Shirt Styling



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